UX in the City


UX in the City is a research & consultancy urban design practice applying the UX urban design principles for helping cities to be (truly) more users-friendly.

The firm is led by @Quentin LEFEVRE, urbanist and designer, teacher in the Master Design for Smart Cities (Strate, School of design).


Why UX urban design ?

Most of our contemporary cities have to face simultaneously a public participation demand, a better urban life quality need and smart city ideal. Urban design and urban planning fields have to renew their methods and processes in order to include the inhabitants as a proper stakeholder and also sometimes to deal with lower public investment.

UX Urban Design is a new urban design approach that is by definition user-centred and which focuses on designing our cities by and for better users experience.

This approach aims to answer to the following question : how to improve the urban design methods and processes in order to make our cities more « users-friendly » which simply means more comfortable for all ?


How to do UX urban design ?

  • by applying the UX design principles to the urban design sphere
  • by analysing and designing public spaces through a transversal approach in terms of spaces, urban functions, time and people
  • by considering public space design in an integrated, relational and multi-places perspective


Some references :